Friday, May 27, 2011

Visited Viewpointe winery in Lake Erie North Shore. An amazing and wonderful winery. Fine wines. Pics ...

Photos: The winery from several angles, Vidal Blonde looking out on the Lake, LCBO buyers tasting wines of interest to them. Some may wind up in Vintages and LCBO General List. Last photo: Astrid Brummer of LCBO and Vidal Blonde discussing Viewpointe wines that are already in selected LCBO stores.

Lake Erie North Shore, LENS for short, is Canada's first wine region. The first winery opened here in the late 1800's. Today the wine region is experiencing exciting new growth with the addition of several wineries.

Viewpointe is the most exciting newer winery to call this area home. It's one of the most significant facilities in North America and is beautiful to look at.  It's also a wonderful place to visit.  Proprietor John Fancsy has crafted a location, winery facility and wines that are second to none.

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